October TAC Meeting

Hi all,

It’s been a very busy summer and the Park District has been busy working on trails. The trails advisory committee is meeting this coming Monday, October 4th, 7pm at the Strawberry Hill Park Administration Building conference room. I’ll be providing an update on our work and what is coming soon.

All our welcome. For further questions or comments contact Dan at dan@biparks.org or 842-3373.

Thanks, Dan

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September 24th work party

Hi all,

If you have time drop by the South end of the Grand Forest West and join us at the work party tomorrow, Sat Sept 24th from 10am to 2pm that would be great. The weather is supposed to be good and we are continuing the work started there last week by the boy scouts. They started upgrading the south loop of the main trail to meet our current standard. We will pick up where they left off and continue around on the SW corner of the main trail. Hope you can make it.

For questions contact Dan Hamlin at 206-245-7385 or at dan@biparks.org



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Blakely Park Work Party

Trail Stewards. Thank you for all your great work! If you are possibly available this Saturday, you might consider stopping by Blakely Park to do some work from 10 to noon in preparation for a native plant re-vegetation in November.

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September Work Party

Hi all,

I am going to be gone on vacation from Sept 7th through the 20th so we will not meet this month. Our next TAC meeting will be Oct. 4th. I’ll send out a reminder when we get closer.

The next TAC work party will be at the Grand Forest West on Sat. Sept 25th. We will be working on the South End of the main loop more than likely. Our work party will be from 10am to 2pm. Bring your favorite trail tool and a snack and water.

For questions contact Dan at dan@biparks.org

Thanks, Dan

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August TAC Meeting

The next Trails Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 2nd in the Strawberry Hill Park Administration building beginning at 7pm. All are welcome to join us as we discuss Park District trail projects. For further information please contact Dan Hamlin at 842-3373 or dan@biparks.org.

Thanks, Dan

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Monthly Trail Work Party for July 24

Hi all,

Don’t forget this weekend we are meeting at the Ft. Ward/Blakely trail to begin renovation of the lower section. We have a 1/4 mile section that has been pretty badly beaten up by the wet winter we just had. Bring a snack, gloves and your favorite trail tool and meet us at the County Club parking area at 10am. There are a couple of events happening at Blakely the same day so parking will be limited but you should be able to find a spot so come on out and join us in supporting this scout project.

For further information please contact Dan Hamlin at 842-3373 or dan@biparks.org

Thanks, Dan

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Trails Committee Work Party for July 17th

Hi all,

The Park District has begun construction of the Sportsman’s Club Rd trail, picking up where the hard working volunteers have left off. The trail needs some equipment to complete and the Park District has the equipment and expertise to get the job done. This is a joint effort between the City and the Park District in an effort to create this much needed link between the Commodore West neighborhood and Woodward and Sakaii school.

Feel free to join us on Saturday, July 17th from 10am to 12noon where we will need assistance removing the debris along the sides of the trail and other duties that can only be done by hand.

For more information contact Dan Hamlin at 842-3373.



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Suzuki Trail News

Hey Fellow Suzuki Trail Blazers:

After two years of hard work and dedication, the finish line is in sight!

Trail Status:

  • As of April, we hit a wall with efficiently working by hand to build the trail.
  • Bainbridge Parks Department generously offered to donate their time, equipment and additional funding ($4100 estimated total cost) to help us finish the Suzuki trail.
  • Volunteers raised about $2000 that will go to Parks Department for materials.

What’s left to do:

  • The Parks’ trail work will start July 12th and last 2 weeks.
  • Parks staff will work by hand and use efficient machine work to grade slopes, build rock bridges and culverts, and finish the path with gravel.
  • Parks only has 2 weeks scheduled to knock out the 800 foot trail, before it has to return to work on other commitments.

Call for 1 Last Volunteer Work Party:

  • To meet their tight schedule, Parks has asked for our volunteer help for hand labor on Saturday, July 17th.
  • Need to clear by hand tools, two 10-foot stretches for an alternate path so machines can access and grade the trail.
  • Need our help carrying base rocks or gravel with wheelbarrows, etc. to speed up the trail work.
  • If additional work is needed, please pencil in Saturday July 24 on your calendars to help out.

Let’s Celebrate:

  • We will schedule a BBQ to celebrate the opening of the Suzuki Trail in the Commodore West Open Space on Sportsman Club Road the weekend of July 25th or July 31st to celebrate.
  • We’ll let you know the final date as the trail gets closer to being done. Please join us and celebrate!

Community Collaboration at its Best!

  • What an accomplishment from “Our Community of Neighbors”- Folks from Commodore and North Town Woods, students who raised funds, volunteer trail advocates-especially John Grinter and Don Willot, Bainbridge residents, community organizations- Friends of Bainbridge Trails, Association of Bainbridge Communities (Frank Stowall, Charles Schmid, Linda Owens) and Sportsman Club; local businesses-Bainbridge Rentals for their donated equipment, Safeway, local media-BITV, Bainbridge Review, The Islander and Kitsap Sun, the City for donating the trail easement, the City Council Members for their support and last but not least, the Parks Department -especially Arlan Elms, Dan Hamlin – to help us realize this 2-year trail project!
  • The Suzuki Trail will provide safe passage for kids to school, better safe access between neighborhoods and recreational trail opportunities for our island community.
  • In the bigger city wide trails plan, as part of the Sportsman Club Corridor trail, the Suzuki Trail will help connect the southern and northern ends of the island with non motorized trails providing wonderful recreational asset to our island home.
  • Thank you to everyone for your help in realizing this trail and community asset.

Trailblazers, please let us know if you can make this last scheduled trail party on July 17th.

We need at least 10 to 20 good pairs of hands to help out Parks. wheelbarrows, gloves, mattocks, shovels, clippers would be helpful.

If anyone wants to help out with the bbq or donate funds for the bbq, please let us know.

As always, THANKS for your dedication, support, generous donations, and hard work!!!

On behalf of all the trailblazers,
Our Sincere THANKS,

Laurie Rice and Dianne Stever

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Site Update

If this is your first visit to our site, then welcome. If you are a return visitor, you will notice a few changes.

To receive announcements about the Trails Committee meeting times or about trail work parties, please enter your e-mail address in the field above and click the “Subscribe” button. The frequency of e-mails sent out to the list is low. Usually 2 or 3 per month.

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