New Trail Maps and Signs

The Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District has been working on new trail maps and signage in an effort to make all trail users, both experienced and inexperienced, comfortable using our wonderful trails. The project began with Gazzam where the map has been posted at the kiosks at Deerpath and Marshall Rd parking areas. The maps show way points along the trail and as you walk the trail you can check your location, making it simple for folks less familiar with the trail to find their way around the entire trail system.

We will begin removing the old signs which we received mixed reviews about. The new signs should look familiar to trail enthusiasts because they are the same kind of signage we have all seen in our National Parks and Forest Service trail systems. They are relatively inexpensive, easily maintained, and very flexible in their application of communicating way-finding information.

The Grand Forest West has just finished being installed as well. We are installing the signs on Hilltop Trail and into the Grand Forest East with the Grand Forest East maps on order, to be installed by May 1. The next trail system to get a map and signs will be the Hidden Cove trails where we receive many comments regarding way-finding issues.

For copies of the Gazzam and GFW maps you can receive a hard copy from the office at Strawberry Hill Park or online at Just go to the Park and Facilities tab, click on trails, go to Gazzam or the Grand Forest and you can see and print the map for yourself. As we add maps they will become available on the website.

The other way to receive the map is by using your smart phone. We have QR codes on the maps at the site and will be installing QR codes on the signs as well soon. It is our intention to make your visit on our trails as pleasant as possible and we hope these new maps and signs enhance all users experience while on the trail.


Dan Hamlin
BIMPRD Park Services Superintendent

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