March TAC Meeting

Hi all,

Our next TAC Meeting is next Monday at 7pm. Join me at the Strawberry Hill Park Administration Building on March 14th. We will go over our impressive work party list as well as updates on the transfer of the State Parks. I also want to go over the latest version of the Trails Management Plan. Yes I’m bringing it back. I submitted a session proposal for the April WRPA conference and they accepted it so I will be presenting our Trails program next month at the conference and I want to get the plan finished, we are very close.

I have attached the plan so please give it a look through and we can discuss it at the meeting. This is not the vision plan that has been being discussed, that will be coming soon. We’ll discuss the vision plan and how it will be developed as well at this meeting.

If you have any agenda items send them my way for consideration.

Dan Hamlin

Park Services Supervisor
Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Rec District

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